Transforming Rural Haiti Through Higher Education
Our Mission
"These are the Leaders of Tomorrow who will Create a New Haiti"
The University

uFondwa’s mission is to educate young Haitian men and women in order to create wealth in rural Haiti. Creating wealth includes:


through entrepreneurial initiatives and employment


through community-based education and research


by promoting and practicing stewardship of natural resources

Giving Thanks in a Meaningful Way

How can you give thanks is a meaningful way? As you sit down to your Thanksgiving feast with your family and friends, your table covered with platters full of roasted turkey, homemade stuffing, and pumpkin pie topped with whipped cream, we hope that you’re mindful and grateful of everything that you have. Sometimes in our

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The Rise of Gifts of Hope

In light of the recent super storms that have caused tragedies across many countries, including the devastation of Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma, now is the time to think about “Gifts of Hope”. As we look ahead to the Thanksgiving and holiday season, with so many people around the world in need, isn’t it time

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News about Hurricane Irma

The University of Fondwa was very lucky to escape most of the destruction of Hurricane Irma. There was not any damage registered in Fondwa during this period. However, Fondwa has experienced heavy rains and landslides. The North side (Cap-Haitian) was hit the hardest. Luckily, the farmers seem to have been able to recover their crops.

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