Transforming Rural Haiti Through Higher Education
Our Mission
"These are the Leaders of Tomorrow who will Create a New Haiti"
The University

uFondwa’s mission is to educate young Haitian men and women in order to create wealth in rural Haiti. Creating wealth includes:


through entrepreneurial initiatives and employment


through community-based education and research


by promoting and practicing stewardship of natural resources

News about Hurricane Irma

The University of Fondwa was very lucky to escape most of the destruction of Hurricane Irma. There was not any damage registered in Fondwa during this period. However, Fondwa has experienced heavy rains and landslides. The North side (Cap-Haitian) was hit the hardest. Luckily, the farmers seem to have been able to recover their crops.

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Make a Donation Where It Will Make the Biggest Impact

Did you know in the past year Americans have donated $358 billion* to charitable causes? We’re lucky to live in a time when both individuals and corporations can be so generous with their hard-earned money to help make a positive impact in the world. But what many people don’t realize is that sometimes the funds

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Incredible Things are Happening in Haiti

“These are the leaders of tomorrow who will create a new Haiti.” Have you heard about exciting recent developments in Haiti? Education and economic development are making a distinct difference on the ground in the Republic of Haiti. Thanks to an amazing collaboration of organizations, both within Haiti and worldwide, as well as support from

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