Transforming Rural Haiti Through Higher Education
Our Mission
"These are the Leaders of Tomorrow who will Create a New Haiti"
The University

uFondwa’s mission is to educate young Haitian men and women in order to create wealth in rural Haiti. Creating wealth includes:


through entrepreneurial initiatives and employment


through community-based education and research


by promoting and practicing stewardship of natural resources

The Importance of Veterinary Studies in Rural Haiti

The Importance of Veterinary Studies in Rural Haiti

Do you know the difference that modern veterinary science can make in countries like Haiti? In the US, when we think of veterinary medicine, we tend to think about our pets. That’s completely understandable as one of the primary roles of veterinarians here in North America is to help return our companion animals to health

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The History of Natural Disasters in Haiti

Throughout its history, Haiti has been hit by natural disaster after natural disaster. It’s location in the Caribbean puts it in prime hurricane and tropical storm territory. Over the past 30 years, weather conditions have been getting worse as the climate continues to change. Since 1998, Haiti has been hit by ten hurricanes and other

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