Incredible Things are Happening in Haiti

“These are the leaders of tomorrow who will create a new Haiti.”

Have you heard about exciting recent developments in Haiti?

Education and economic development are making a distinct difference on the ground in the Republic of Haiti. Thanks to an amazing collaboration of organizations, both within Haiti and worldwide, as well as support from individuals such as Myron (Buddy) Steves, Vice Chair of a Texas-based wholesale insurance brokerage firm, Haiti’s first rural university, the University of Fondwa, is training a new generation of Haitians to become the leaders of tomorrow.

The University of Fondwa (or uFondwa) is making amazing strides to not only increase the economic wealth of its rural communities, but also provide education for young Haitian men and women through community-based education and research.

The Tides are Turning

Did you know that about two-thirds of Haiti’s 9 million people live in the countryside yet the majority of universities are located in proximity to Port au Prince, Haiti’s capital city? What has that meant for Haiti? Until recently, it’s meant that most of the young men and women of Haiti have not had opportunities or resources to access higher education. In fact, only 1% of university-aged men and women are enrolled in higher education.1

uFondwa is committed to changing those statistics and the shortfalls of higher education in Haiti.

uFondwa’s unique commitment to educating the sons and daughters of rural Haitian communities is changing the shape of the future for Haiti and its people. And it’s working.

Positive Results for Haiti

The beauty of uFondwa is in its mission, but also in its results. While only 16% of students who graduate from other Haitian universities remain and work in Haiti, over 70% of uFondwa graduates are staying in Haiti, working and volunteering in their field of study to help push the country forward.

Think about that for a moment. This is an incredible shift in intellectual wealth for the Republic of Haiti. Where previously, educated people were leaving the country, they’re now beginning to stay in Haiti. The education that uFondwa is providing is instilling these young leaders with the drive and skills to become agents of change right where they’re already living and working. This is having a powerful effect on the future of the country.

Practical Applications

uFondwa’s programs are unique in that their integrated approach requires students to use the knowledge and skills they’ve learned in the classroom in practical applications. uFondwa offers three unique programs:


  • The Agronomy Program: Students learn the science behind producing food and gain an understanding of the environmental impacts of agriculture.


  • The Veterinary Medicines Program: Students become specialists in the health management of livestock.


  • The Business Management Program: Students study and apply their knowledge to work towards creating income-generating solutions.


All three of uFondwa’s programs are essential to building not only economic wealth, but also intellectual and environmental wealth across rural areas in Haiti. The goal is to give every person in Haiti the opportunity to reach their full potential and create a tomorrow where the Haitian people have the tools they need to become leaders in Haiti’s sustainable development.

A Collaborative Effort

uFondwa has become a global effort with visiting faculty from France, the United States, Cuba, Canada, the Netherlands, and Haiti, as well as key partnerships in the United States with organizations like Virginia Tech, the Brown Sisters Foundation, and American University. This great undertaking cannot be accomplished without the support of others, however. Your donation can make all the difference to the people of Haiti to dramatically improve the quality of their lives through higher education.

The Future

Despite the setbacks of natural disasters that Haiti has experienced over the past seven years, the University of Fondwa is revolutionizing the way of life for people in rural Haiti with impactful initiatives. With uFondwa harnessing opportunities for change among the people of Haiti, and with your your donation, together we can help usher in the leaders of Haiti’s tomorrow. Stay tuned as we anticipate more incredible progress in Haiti.



1 The World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE). Education in Haiti: An Overview of Trends, Issues and Plans. September 2011.