Make a Difference in 2018

Do you make New Year’s resolutions? What if you could make a resolution that’s both achievable and that will make a real difference in people’s lives?

Maybe you don’t believe in New Year’s resolutions because they don’t tend to stick. It’s not a big secret that most people let their resolutions slip. Whether the goal is eating healthy, losing weight, making self-improvements, quitting smoking, or getting to the gym more, most Americans will have long forgotten their resolutions by the time March rolls around, if not earlier.

But what if instead you made a resolution to do some good in the world? And what if it were easy? You could beat the odds of forgotten resolutions and be one of the few people who can say, “I succeeded with my resolutions!”

It really is easy. By donating to the University of Fondwa, you can make a difference in 2018 and help to change the fate of a nation.

Education is the Key

Ever since the University of Fondwa was first established in 2004 by Father Joseph Philippe, it’s carried out a unique and unparalleled mission to educate the youth of Haiti’s rural communities. The reality of education in Haiti is gloomy. Over two-thirds of Haiti’s population lives in rural areas, but the vast majority of universities (87%) are located near the country’s capital, Port au Prince. Location alone means that there are many young men and women in the rural communities all over Haiti who are not able to receive higher education. In fact, only 1% of university-aged men and women are enrolled in institutions of higher education.1

This lack of access to quality higher education has been a huge obstacle in furthering Haiti’s social and economic development.

The University of Fondwa has dedicated itself to changing those statistics. With donations from generous Americans just like you, uFondwa is able to provide educational programs in agronomy, veterinary medicine, and business management to Haiti’s rural communities. Having access to quality education has dramatically changed the quality of life for countless people and we want to continue that forward momentum.

“All the doors are closed. Education is the key…University of Fondwa, thank you for your mission.” ~Lucnar Raymond, Business Management (2009-14)

Our Unique Approach

Besides being Haiti’s only rural university located in the mountains, uFondwa offers an integrated approach to learning through three programs in disciplines that are lacking professionals in rural Haiti. Our students spend a significant time working and studying in their communities to apply classroom-learned knowledge in a practical way.

It’s with this approach that graduates of uFondwa have become true agents of change. 70% of uFondwa students are working or volunteering in their field of study in Haiti whereas at other universities, only 16% of graduates remain in Haiti. Home grown talent has been the key to changing the course of Haiti’s future, but we can’t do it alone.

It Just Takes a Few Clicks

Donating is easy. It only takes a minute to sign up and your donation will be put directly toward scholarships for worthy students. You can choose to donate weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually. One-time donations are also welcome. 

A Resolution that Matters

Make a difference in 2018 and help dramatically improve the quality of life for countless people. If you haven’t set your New Year’s resolutions yet, now is the time! Make your resolution one of social good and donate now, knowing that your generous donation will go directly toward helping the men, women, and children of Haiti prosper and thrive.

1 The World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE). Education in Haiti:

An Overview of Trends, Issues and Plans. September 2011.