Make a Donation Where It Will Make the Biggest Impact

Did you know in the past year Americans have donated $358 billion* to charitable causes? We’re lucky to live in a time when both individuals and corporations can be so generous with their hard-earned money to help make a positive impact in the world.

But what many people don’t realize is that sometimes the funds that they donate aren’t used for direct aid. In some cases, much of the money is used to pay charity staff, administration, and program management. Sometimes as little as 3%* of donated funds directly benefits the charitable cause it was intended for.

Not so with the University of Fondwa! When you donate to uFondwa, you can be confident knowing that 100% of the money goes directly to student scholarships.

When Father Joseph founded the University of Fondwa in 2004, his mission was to educate the young men and women of Haiti and to provide the rural communities of Haiti with the means to rise up and create lasting change from within the country. That mission has not changed since its inception, even despite terrible setbacks like the earthquake in January of 2010 and the major hurricane in October of 2016.

Should you choose to make the magnanimous decision to donate to uFondwa, you can do so with the knowledge that you’ll be helping to provide much needed education to young potential leaders in Haiti who are hungry for the opportunities uFondwa provides. Every cent from every dollar helps students in uFondwa’s three unique programs; Agronomy, Veterinary Medicine, and Business Management.

Believe in the change your dollar can make

Imagine this: You generously donate to uFondwa and as a result, a young woman in the university’s Agronomy program will be able to learn the science to produce food for her village. She will grow and learn through her uFondwa education and later help Haiti to change the detrimental environmental pattern that has impacted Haitian agriculture into food production that is nourishing and sustainable.

Or picture this: A young man living in rural Haiti does not have the means to attend higher education. With your help and donation, he will receive a scholarship to the University of Fondwa to enroll in the Business Management program. He will then dedicate his time towards creating income-generating solutions for his community.

With even the small action of donating $25, $50, $100, or more to uFondwa, you can be a part of the change that Haiti needs to stimulate not only economic wealth, but intellectual wealth that will carry Haiti into the future.

How your dollar benefits uFondwa

There is a great satisfaction in knowing that when you donate to the University of Fondwa, you’re truly making a difference.


  • Currently only 1% of university-aged men and women have the means to enroll in higher education institutions in Haiti. You can help to change those odds and provide scholarships to those who need them.


  • Two-thirds of Haiti’s population live in the rural parts of the country yet uFondwa is the only rural university that currently exists in Haiti. You can help these rural communities grow, improve, and prosper through the integrated programs uFondwa provides for its students.


  • Only 16% of graduates from Haiti’s other universities remain and work in Haiti. However, over 70% of uFondwa’s graduates remain and are working in Haiti. This means the newly-educated agents of change are staying in Haiti and pushing their nation forward. With your donation, you can be a part of that forward momentum.


  • By providing Haiti’s young people with the higher education that they need to foster the economic, intellectual, and environmental growth of wealth, everyone in Haiti and particularly in the rural communities will be able to live with dignity. You can be an integral part of that progress.


The impact of your monetary gifts is not only directly benefiting the students of uFondwa, but also changing the course of a nation for the better.

Donate Today

Join the community of kind and compassionate citizens who have already donated to the University of Fondwa and have peace of mind in knowing that your generous donation will not be spent on “administrative costs.” All of the funds raised for the University go directly to student scholarships.

uFondwa we will continue to invest in Haiti’s bright future. Be a part of that progress and positive momentum by making a donation of any side to uFondwa. The people of Haiti need you and any help you can provide.


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