uFondwa-Related Projects

uFondwa faculty, staff and graduates are involved in rural community projects assessing needs and resources and working with local groups to build capacity. Two recent projects, funded by Caritas Italiana and administered by uFondwa’s partner organization, the Association of Peasants of Fondwa (APF) are:

  1. Pwoje Kreyasyon Riches Nan Fondwa (Wealth Creation Project in Fondwa) – works with small business initiatives, individual farmers and small working groups to create job opportunities. This project has already resulted in more than 250 jobs and over 100 small businesses.
  2. Sevis Pou Oganizasyon Lokal yo (SOL) – impacts on the South East, West, Artibonite and Central Plateau Departments of Haiti reinforcing local grassroots and small business organizations.